Remarkable Music

Dream with me

While we were busy setting up the foundation, an idea came to mind that it would be great if there was a song that we could bring with us to the participants, a song that would reflect our purpose, mission and our goals.

The puzzle fell into place when a dear friend Henkjan Smits hooked us up with a very talented singer/songwriter Annika Bos & Producer/Music Genius Bas van den Heuvel. We started to explain our vision and dreams and purpose for the song. Annika & Bas got on board and created this beautiful song which is called Dream with Me.

Using music is a very powerful tool and it is great to see how language, belief systems, politics, and barriers of diversity drop, people immediately start to move, smile, dance, sing, tell stories. Music brings energy and opens up to communicate in another dimension. Music is the rhythm of life, the universal heart beat of creativity.

Bringing this song to India and singing it for and with all the participants created Remarkable and moving moments during our stay at the IISE (International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs).