Our first journey at IISE

We feel blessed that we have given the opportunity for this Remarkable first journey. Working with17 beautiful people from 14 nationalities, each of them had to overcome their own battles of life, and have real stories to tell. Some had to go through war, discrimination, repression because of belief, being black, white, disabled or blind. They never gave up and traveled from far to come to India to learn, experience and get tools for their dreams they were longing for. Starting up their own social venture at the IISE (International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs). These amazing people all had one thing in common, that was to use their strength and life stories to help others grow and make this world a brighter place. They challenged themselves in many ways, by getting real, sharing their life stories and showing their true colors. Their eagerness to learn, their willingness to share, and big heart filled with compassion to give and pass things on to others who are in need. They found the ability to dream. And that is what they did, Remarkably with care and fully.

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